PMU & Microblading ROADSHOW, what is it and why should you be joining in?

Everlasting PMU & Microblading UK Roadshow will equip existing artists with skills to level up their careers and businesses. Specially prepared program to answer all your most important questions and to up your expertise in PMU & Eyebrow Microblading. Affordable pricing and tons included. Do not miss out, as it might be a while until we return to the area near you! 


Being at the forefront of PMU & Microblading education, we're always curious about new ways to deliver life-changing information to artists worldwide. We do it through our team of Instructors across the world, through online content, conferences, and masterclasses. 

And so, this leads me to announce our latest mind-feeding and skill-advancing creation: Everlasting PMU & Microblading Roadshow. You've created it! After all, it is all that artists have been asking about and craving to learn. We have listened and conjured something that every PMU & Microblading artist can benefit from. Led by an incredible duo Kelly Fitzmaurice (Everlasting Brows Head Instructor and beauty therapist of 20+ years) and Alice Kingdom (10 years of advanced treatment experience and PMU course curriculum development)

The wealth of knowledge these lady bosses possess is unparalleled, and we are lucky they have masterminded a way to share it all. 

Staying closer to home, currently, we have released the Roadshow dates for the UK only, and we are covering the following cities in the first go: London (08/05), Bristol (09/05), Birmingham (10/05), Manchester (12/05), and Peterborough (13/05). 


What will be covered?


The roadshow will cover some of the artists' primary areas of concern and will provide skill development as a whole. We will also touch on the latest and most sought-after techniques that artists cannot go without another day. The aim is not to help your confidence shine but also to grow your business overall. 


Expect to cover: 


Pre draw: Everlasting way is precise and fast; pre-draw sets the mood for the rest of the service. This is one area you must absolutely master to ensure clients' trust and your artistry flow.


Microblading and hairstrokes - the most successful yet simplified patterns and technologies that will not let you down.


Powder and ombre eyebrow styles - the secret to consistent blend and exceptional retention. Achieving the pixelated look everyone is after. 


Fusion of techniques - mixing hair strokes and powder techniques to formulate bespoke looks suitable for any and every client. 


We call it the Chanel of the PMU & Microblading industry - learn to create timeless, realistic, and classic results that will be in trend for as long as people have eyebrows. 


 What else is included?


And because we are known for our generosity, roadshow attendees will be rewarded with Everlasting online pre-course material access, complimentary store credit that you may spend on products on, goodie bag, lunch and refreshments, all products for use throughout the day. All these are just tiny perks compared to the knowledge you will leave with. 


Who will benefit the most from this class?


Mainly this is aimed at artists who want to up their game, you can never know too much, and I'm more than positive that everyone will pick up something useful in this jam-packed day of learning. 

Lockdown has left many questioning our skills and directions. With this masterclass, you can be sure that you will be back on track with where you are heading in your career. 

 Please note that you must be already trained either with Everlasting or any other training provider to attend this class. This roadshow is definitely not for beginners and not for someone who hasn't practiced their craft in the past 3 years. 


And we are sorry our worldwide folks, mostly UK artists will be able to benefit as this is a face-to-face class provided in UK's largest cities. 


Are you ready to grow in the PMU & Microblading career? If yes, we'll see you on one of our dates. 


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