The run up to Christmas and New Year is a very hectic time and offers many lucrative opportunities for salons with an increase in demand for PMU and Microblading services, as clients want to look their best for the party season.

Here we look at how you can maximise salon revenue during the party season:


Gift vouchers are an excellent source of revenue and provide an instant cash flow boost to your business. Selling gift vouchers is a great way to keep your existing clients coming back, as well as introducing new clients if they are being bought as a Christmas Gift for a friend, partner or family member. Gift vouchers can encourage multiple bookings, as the voucher has already been paid for and they may help to keep the salon busier in quiet periods, such as the January lull.

Place gift vouchers in eye catching areas around the salon and on the reception desk to encourage impulse purchases. In addition, inform your artists about the vouchers, so they can subtly let their clients know about the gift vouchers during their treatment. Send an E-SHOT to your customer database highlighting the benefits of gift vouchers and promote the Gift Vouchers on social media too.



Take advantage of seasonal opportunities, such as Black Friday and Christmas to run special promotions and offers. For example, you could hold a flash sale on Black Friday to receive a discounted PMU or Microblading Treatment that must be used in January when the salon is quiet.



If budget permits, host a Salon Customer Christmas Event with refreshments and encourage your clients to bring along a friend or family member to generate new clients. You can also use this opportunity to sell gift vouchers and salon retail products, as well as gaining new client bookings. 



Your social media channels, especially Instagram and Facebook are ideal platforms to promote your PMU and Microblading services to your customers during the party season to increase awareness and generate new sales leads. Create engaging content, including video tutorials, as well as before and after pictures (if you are using client pictures, please always gain permission from your client’s before posting pictures of them on social media). Create striking content using online graphic design tools, such as Canva to highlight your services, special festive offers and promotions. Also, ask the brand if they can provide you with any branded imagery and social media assets that you can use on your social media channels too. 



Create engaging email marketing campaigns highlighting your PMU and Microblading services and any special offers, such as Black Friday promotions for your subscribed customer email database.



As the party season approaches, it is important to encourage your existing customers to pre-book their appointments to ensure they can get in before Christmas and New Year. Explain to your customers that this is a busy time and that you want to give your loyal customers priority booking to ensure all their PMU and Microblading needs are looked after during the busy party period.



The majority of appointments booked online are undertaken outside of normal working hours, this gives your customers flexibility to book their salon appointment at their own convenience, rather than calling the salon during busy periods, especially in the party season. Here you can list your services and provide information about each treatment, this is ideal if you have new clients searching for information on PMU and Microblading treatments in preparation for the party season. You can also include Book Now links on your Social Media Business Accounts to attract new customers too. 



You cannot afford to have several missed appointments during your busiest time of year, as this will seriously eat into your profits. In order to reduce missed appointments, request a non-refundable deposit to protect yourself against cancellations.



If you have been thinking about increasing your prices for a while and already have a high number of bookings for the Christmas period, now may be the right time to announce an annual price increase, so you can maximise your revenue when there is a high demand for your services.



There is no better time of year to promote your salon retail products than the party season when the consumer spend is significantly higher than at any other time of the year.

It is important that you make your salon retail products accessible to encourage browsing. Don’t hide your salon retail products away in a glass cabinet or on shelves behind your reception, as this discourages customers from interacting and asking questions about the products. Make sure that your product displays are well placed to stand out and create attention. Showcase products in accessible locations where your clients will see them, such as in the waiting area. 

Use the aftercare products on clients as a finishing touch for the service. This way the client gets to see the aftercare products in action on them before committing to a purchase. This is also a good time to subtly introduce the product to client without being pushy. 

Also, when it comes to retail, there is no limit on the number of products you can sell unlike treatments, where you can only perform so many treatments based on the salon opening hours, number of staff and treatment rooms available.

We are wishing you the most busy party season! 

By Faye Hone