Ombré Brows have become one of the most in demand brow treatments for 2022 and are adorned by a host of celebrities who want beautiful soft and natural looking brows.


Here Kintija Belska, International Brow Expert and Co-Founder of Everlasting Brows shares her Expert Tips on how to create the perfect Ombré Brows for the Party Season:


“Ombré Brows are the perfect solution to help you look your best every day, but during the festive party season it’s the best thing you can invest in.


Ombré Brows create a soft looking brow enhancement that can be anything from subtle to bold depending on preferences, think of waterproof, smudge proof eyebrows that look great at any time of the day or night. No worries about smudging your brow make-up when putting on a turtleneck sweater or adorning your head with a trendy hat to face the cold weather outside. It’s also one less thing to do when getting ready for all the Christmas parties and outings. For those a bit more brave and heading for the ski resorts, you don’t need to worry about your make-up smudging, as you’re rushing down the slope with both wind, snow and humidity battering your look. 


Ombré Brows are on everybody’s lips lately. So, what is the secret to creating envy worthy set of brows? Great results start with an in-depth consultation to ascertain your clients wishes and preferences. This is also a great opportunity to look at the client’s skin type and quality and explain to them what your suggested treatment plan would be. 


The next step is a correct mapping technique. There’s nothing worse than a set of bold asymmetrical eyebrows screaming for help. To succeed at mapping, you should follow a fool proof technique, such as the Everlasting mapping method. If you’re not familiar with it already, there’s an easy online course that you can enrol in available on our website here: CLICK HERE 


Colour choice is probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to permanent make-up and Ombré Brows. For results that last for a couple of years, you need to make sure that the colour looks good, not only initially, but also during the fading process. During the ombré procedure it is not unlikely that you’ll use several pigment shades or pigment thinner to achieve that fade. Once the colour is picked then a choice of device, device speed and needle combination need to be decided. Different configurations will create different results, so it’s important to try and envisage which type of pigmentation will look great for your client, soft or medium saturation, smooth powder like look or more coarse texture like salt and pepper.”


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