As we enter 2023, now is the perfect time to up your PMU & Microblading Skills as you prepare for the year ahead.

As one of the world’s leading authorities in PMU and Microblading, we offer a range of accredited training courses, run by leading industry experts to help you improve your skills and techniques. 

Up your PMU & Microblading Skills this January with Everlasting Brows range of training courses:


Everlasting Brows Advanced Microblading Course

This class has been designed for Microblading Artists who would like to add manual ombré brows, lips and eyeliner shading techniques to their list of services. Please note, you may only join the class if you have been trained in basic eyebrow microblading with Everlasting Brows or any other microblading training provider. This class focuses on educating you in new manual techniques. 


This 2-day accredited course includes:

  • Basic Theory

  • Everlasting Training Manual and Student Kit including pigments and blades

  • Our signature brow mapping technique

  • Everlasting Pigmentology

  • Lash line enhancement technique, eyeliner shading and classic eyeliner using a microblade

  • Instructor demo on a live model

  • Lip outline and lip shading using a microblade

  • Bubble lips technique

  • Advanced eyebrow techniques

  • EverBlend technique

  • Student practice on a live model

  • All products are provided for the duration of the course

  • Unlimited online support and case study review by your instructor (optional)

You will also receive an Everlasting Certification of Completion (at the end of the 2 training days, as long as you have showed satisfactory skill level).


Our advanced classes will help progress your skills and boost your income by adding new services to your treatment list.


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Everlasting Brows Microblading Improver Course

Do you feel like you are not quite confident with pre-draw? Do you feel your clients are not getting the best possible results from you? Are you confused about pigment choice and pigmentology? Would you like to know how to use a U blade and how to take your eyebrow hair stroke patterns to the next level? Revive your Microblading skills with the Everlasting Brows Microblading Improver, this course will get you back up and running as a Microblading Artist and instil confidence into every part of the service you are struggling with.


This course includes:

  • Coverage of carefully selected topics

  • Course credit that you can spend on any Everlasting Products (£250)

  • Everlasting Training Manual 

  • Our signature brow mapping technique (map brows in under 10 minutes)

  • Pigmentology

  • Eyebrow hair strokes using a microblade

  • Eyebrow shading using a blade

  • Demo on a live model

  • 6 hours of intense microblading troubleshooting

  • Unlimited online support

  • Addition to our Facebook student support group

You will also receive an Everlasting Troubleshooting Class Certification of Attendance (issued immediately after the class).


*Please note, this class doesn’t facilitate practise on models or a product kit (instead a credit is given to purchase anything you need).


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Online Courses

At Everlasting Brows, we also offer the following Online Courses that you can undertake in your own time, especially when you have quiet periods during January.


Pigmentology Master by Everlasting Academy

This Pigmentology class for PMU artists is a real gem. A complex series of lessons starting from the very beginning of pigmentology. In this course you will learn everything you need to know from the basic colour theory, skin colours and undertones, important pigment qualities as well as what’s necessary for successful colour correction and how to choose a colour that will compliment your clients' skin. During this course you will also learn how to determine the right pigments for your client for different face areas: brows, eyelids and lips. Various videos, tests and quizzes will help you check if understood everything the right way. Gain very important pigmentology knowledge and improve your skills today!


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EVERLASTING Signature Brow Mapping (Available as an Express or Full Course)

Everlasting presents a one-of-a-kind eyebrow microblading course. Monika's Everlasting brow program has been specifically designed by taking on the best aspects of what she has learnt, therefore we can assure you of the best possible training, which in turn will benefit you in this highly profitable and exciting industry.


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So, what are you waiting for? Up your PMU & Microblading Skills this January with Everlasting Brows range of training courses.