At Everlasting Brows, we love to champion our incredibly talented artists! To celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to Pia Laing, International PMU Master Artist, Everlasting Educator and Founder of the Browhouse Salon in California, USA who has been taking the PMU industry by storm with her incredible work.


From entering the PMU Industry at the age of 22 to fulfilling her dream to teach and opening two successful salons in Newport Beach, California, whilst providing PMU services to Hollywood’s elite, Pia shares her remarkable career journey and discusses how collaborating and training with Everlasting Brows brought about exponential personal and professional growth, inspiring her to lead and build a talented team. Pia also discusses her ambitious plans for the future and how she would like to play a pivotal role in the PMU Industry as it evolves. 


What did you do before you entered the PMU & Microblading Industry?

My fascination with the beauty industry has been a consistent driving force throughout my career. I've been immersed in the PMU industry since 2006; before this, I studied holistic nutrition.


What inspired you to become a PMU & Microblading Artist?

When I first discovered the PMU industry, I was captivated by the fusion of artistry, beauty, and science, as well as the opportunity to cultivate meaningful connections with clients. At the time, back in 2006, PMU was still considered a niche field. However, I am fortunate to have found an academy with a comprehensive curriculum and strong support system, which laid a solid foundation for my journey in this evolving industry.


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How long have you been working in the PMU & Microblading Industry?

In 2006, I took my initial training course under the guidance of a seasoned veteran in the field. This invaluable experience was the cornerstone of my journey into the world of PMU, providing me with essential skills and insights.


What training did you undertake with Everlasting Brows, and how has it benefited your career?

In 2017, I had the privilege of meeting Kintija Belska and Monika Ludwiczak, Co-Founders of Everlasting Brows whose infectious energy, drive, and holistic perspective on the industry instantly captivated me. Their innovative approach as visionaries and community builders sparked a deep sense of inspiration within me. Since our initial encounter, I've been fortunate to engage in both learning and teaching across ALL Everlasting Brows Training courses. Additionally, I've had the opportunity to share my experiences, contributing to our collective journey of growth and development.


What inspired you to teach and become an Educator for Everlasting Brows? 

I've always thrived in environments where collaboration is vital, and I've been fortunate to work alongside some of the most gifted artists in the world. It's this collaborative spirit and the opportunity for professional growth that genuinely inspired me. The supportive atmosphere and commitment to advancing the PMU industry motivated me to become an instructor with Everlasting Brows. Being able to contribute to the growth and development of new artists while being part of such a dynamic team has been an incredibly rewarding experience.



What is it like living and working in California, USA?

Located in Southern California, I am privileged to operate two establishments in the heart of Newport Beach. Our clientele, who prioritise self-care and view beauty as indispensable, enrich our practice. Our primary objective is to craft hyper-realistic, natural-looking results while fostering a serene and inviting ambiance. Our ultimate aim is for every guest to depart our premises with a profound sense of satisfaction, feeling confident and naturally beautiful. 


What inspired you to open the Browhouse Salon?

The journey leading to the inception of Browhouse was marked by significant evolution. I am immensely grateful for the encouragement and support from mentors and the best clientele. Kintija Belska and Monika Ludwiczak, Co-Founders of Everlasting Brows played a significant role of inspiration in how to lead and build a talented team. The Browhouse team includes my husband, Troy, our dedicated Operations Manager, Janna, and the most exceptionally talented artists. Their collective expertise and commitment are instrumental in shaping Browhouse into the thriving establishment it is today.



Which celebrities have you worked with?

We've been honoured to provide our services to Hollywood's elite, catering to A-list actresses, reality TV personalities, producers, and celebrity makeup artists. It's been a privilege to contribute to their beauty journeys.


What has been your key career highlight?

One of the most significant highlights of my career thus far has been my involvement with Everlasting Brows, which has brought about exponential personal and professional growth. Before joining Everlasting, I operated independently. However, being part of a collaborative team has not only revealed my capabilities, but has also taught me the importance of aiming for the highest possible goals.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I envision myself further evolving as an instructor, continuously honing my skills and expertise to support emerging artists in their journeys. Additionally, I aim to expand my horizons through travel, while providing top-tier services, products, and education. As the PMU industry undergoes rapid evolution, I foresee it becoming an essential procedure for the masses, marked by cutting-edge techniques. I am eager to contribute to this evolution and play a pivotal role in advancing the field.


What is the best career advice you can give to New Artists entering the PMU & Microblading industry?

The best advice for a New Artist entering the PMU industry is to prioritise education, practice diligently, and be patient with yourself. Continuous learning and honing of skills are essential in mastering this craft. Additionally, build a strong support network within the industry, seek mentorship from experienced artists, and stay updated on the latest techniques. Lastly, prioritise client safety and satisfaction and never compromise on quality. 



A talented and ambitious International PMU Master Artist, Everlasting Educator and Entrepreneur, Pia proves that with hard work, dedication and a passion for what you believe in, you can achieve the highest possible goals and fulfill your dreams!

View Pia’s incredible work @pia.browhouse

Interview by Faye Hone/ PEAK PR RESULTS