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Lip Fillers have been hugely popular over the past two decades, with many celebrities and reality stars opting to have lip fillers (also known as lip injections and lip enhancements) to add or restore volume to the lips.

Lip Fillers are a type of dermal fillers - injections that add volume to your skin. Results can range from very subtle to noticeably fuller lips. They can last 6-18 months depending on lifestyle factors and are slowly broken down by the body's metabolic processes.

Recently, it has been reported that several high-profile celebrities and reality stars (such as Gemma Collins, Chloe Sims, Molly-Mae Hague, Megan McKenna and even Kylie Jenner) have decided to turn their back on lip fillers and dissolve them to embrace a more natural look.This provides an excellent opportunity to educate existing and potential clients who may typically have opted for Lip Fillers on the benefits of having a PMU Lip treatment instead of or in combination with a lip filler procedure.


Benefits of Lips PMU over fillers


PMU Lips can help create a fuller, plumper looking and more noticeable lips without needing a filler. It's the completely natural look and feel of the lips, no unnecessarily blown up lips, no duck pout, and no risk of complications such as tissue death, filler migration, or hardening. 

In most situations, gentle placement of pigment into the lip tissue results in fresh, vibrant, and younger-looking lips, which is what most people want. At the same time, you retain the natural feel and movement of your lips. 


Fillers can often be spotted when people talk – the lip tissue becomes harder and doesn't move as freely as natural lips do. The extra volume added to the lips often obstructs the view of the teeth, so a complete white teeth smile is no longer possible unless you opt to have veneers to elongate your teeth. Such extra steps are unnecessary when it comes to PMU Lips, as with the help of a straightforward procedure, you can have much better-looking lips minus the complications.


However, in some situations, it may be advisable to have a lip filler, even if the client wishes to have Lips PMU. The synthetic hyaluronic acid that the fillers contain can help to smooth out wrinkles on very mature lips, fillers can also help with significant asymmetry of the lips – something that PMU of the Lips cannot always achieve. 


Lip fillers and PMU can and, in many cases, do compliment each other


The two treatments can also work great in conjunction with each other. Lip fillers help to make the lip tissue smoother and add a gentle volume, and PMU Lips adds colour to restore the naturally blushed tone of the lips and enhance the overall lip shape by creating lip contour definition that often disappears because of the filler.

It is essential to mention that although both treatments can be reversible, it is much easier to reverse the effect of a poorly placed filler by having it dissolved with the help of an enzyme. Removing PMU Lips is more tricky and can take a few appointments to successfully remove pigment from the skin and sometimes might not be possible if the procedure wasn't performed correctly in the first place. 

It is imperative to research your practitioner well, as your results will largely depend on their skill set and the quality of products used. There are certain fillers and pigments that are much better than others. 


Did you know? It has been reported that videos about lip blush on TikTok have amassed millions of views as this trend continues go viral. But why are people so lips obsessed?


As we age, our lips lose their volume and definition; they become thinner and smaller. PMU Lips are ideal for clients who want natural-looking lips that appear more subtly defined and fuller. It is also perfect for clients with uneven lips, unbalanced lip colour, small lips and pale lips. It is Cameron Diaz, who reportedly is against fillers and botox and said she'd rather see herself age than looking like someone else. 

PMU Lips can help with symmetry by correcting uneven lips and creating a more balanced look. It can also enhance the natural lip colour, by adding pigments to create an even tone on the lips. PMU Lips can also add subtle definition to faded lip contours and create more fuller and natural-looking lips. It is also a prevalent choice for clients wishing to lighten or correct their natural lip colour to achieve fresh and youthful-looking lips on otherwise dull or dark lips.

Here's what to expect with the lip PMU


PMU Lips is a permanent makeup process where a powered device implants pigment in the skin to create more defined, fuller, and healthy-looking lips. The semi-permanent makeup design is waterproof, smudge-proof and looks completely natural when done using Everlasting techniques. 

PMU Lips is a less invasive procedure and provides much less maintenance than lip fillers. Results last between 2-3 years, during which they will continue to fade and slowly lose vibrancy. 

The entire procedure usually requires two appointments, the initial pigmentation session and a re-touch appointment within 1-3 months of the first treatment. At the first appointment, clients get a full consultation during which their lips will be assessed and a bespoke treatment plan created. Lips will be numbed to minimise discomfort, and the procedure will begin with detailed lip mapping, the created shape will then be precisely followed with the PMU device to ensure flawless results. The second procedure will involve adding more pigment to the lips, as certain areas may not hold as well as other areas due to the healing process and will require a top-up treatment. 

At Everlasting Brows our pigments heal true to colour and do not need modifiers. The stable pigment formulation means that pigment doesn't fade into unwanted tones. All our Lip Pigments are creamy and highly concentrated, ensuring your shaded lip work remains impeccable. 


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