From Pixel Brows, Nano Brows, Ombre Brows, Hybrid Brows to Lip Blushing and Permanent Eyeliner, we explore the latest Microblading & PMU Trends that are taking the Microblading & PMU industry by storm.



Pixel Brows trend is on the rise and is becoming an increasingly popular treatment due to its stunning powdered brow look. This technique involves an artist using a very fine needle to make individual tattoo marks/pixels that resemble tiny dots onto the brows to achieve the desired soft, powdered eyebrow appearance. 


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NANO Brow technique has garnered some serious attention over the past few years. It is a specialist pigmenting technique, which is undertaken using a single needle to create long flowy hairstrokes, making the eyebrow more prominent in the best possible way. Think of it as the brow lamination look – in a form of PMU 


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Ombré Brows have become one of the most in demand brow treatments, due to their beautiful soft and natural looking results. Ombré Brows create a soft looking brow enhancement that can be anything from subtle to bold depending on preferences, think of waterproof, smudge proof eyebrows that look great at any time of the day or night.


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Hybrid Brows, also known as ‘combination brows’ or ‘combo brows’ are making waves in the brow industry! Hybrid brows are a combination of the two most popular brow techniques; Microblading (hair stroke brows) and microshading (powder) techniques are used to create hybrid brows, that look attractive and natural with a hint of powdery effect.


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As more people turn their back on lip fillers, Lip Blushing is becoming a popular option. PMU Lips can help to create fuller, plumper looking and more noticeable lips without needing a filler. It has a completely natural look and feel of the lips with no unnecessarily blown up lips, no duck pout, and no risk of complications such as tissue death, filler migration, or hardening. In most situations, gentle placement of pigment into the lip tissue results in fresh, vibrant, and younger-looking lips, which is what most people want. At the same time, you retain the natural feel and movement of your lips. 


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The Permanent Eyeliner trend is huge, gaining millions of views on TikTok. PMU Eyeliner is a permanent makeup process that utilizes a powered device to implant pigment into the skin, recreating the effect of eyeliner along the lash line. This technique offers long-lasting, hassle-free eyeliner that enhances your eyes' beauty effortlessly.


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Enjoy exploring the latest Microblading & PMU trends. Do you want to upskill?  At Everlasting Brows, we offer a range of courses to enhance your Microblading & PMU techniques.