Can you make money as a permanent make up artist and/or microblading artist?

Not a day goes by without a potential student asking us if they can still make it as a permanent make up artist and grow their career within this field. Or is it too late and that plane is long gone? In this blog I would like to discuss challenges PMU artists face when considering their new career direction.

If you think that permanent make up and microblading industry is competitive, then you are right, but then again, which industry isn’t competitive? We live in a day and age where education is accessible and often affordable, which means many professional industries are quite saturated.

So is it possible to still establish yourself and your business as a go to place for permanent make up services? The answer is very simple, if you love what you do and you truly enjoy making a difference for your clients, then most definitely yes. However, there is a catch…

As a reputable training provider and product supplier, we do see many people from different walks of life considering permanent make up as a career. Most often the interest is driven by lucrative earning opportunities. Just imagine how wonderful it would be, to see 3 clients a day, at an average service cost of at least $500 (£350) and earning something like $7500 (£5000) a week. How and where to sign up?

However, before parting with your money, you must first sign up to a mindset, that being driven by income is not a good idea when entering a creative industry. Many famous arts artists can easily make from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands per artwork, but creating an art of a value is not a straightforward task. Similarly with beauty and permanent make up industry, one must be certain that this is something they are truly interested in pursuing.

We see a lot of permanent make up and microblading artists, but it is not easy to find truly excellent and outstanding artists. What we have learnt from our highly successful instructors and students, is that those that posses true drive towards providing a life changing service, do it because they enjoy it and are eager to continuously invest into their craft; have the highest chances of succeeding at making a six figure income. But money cannot come first, second or even third in this equation.

If you think you have what it takes, then know that permanent make up industry is still growing and all indicators point towards the fact that the peak hasn’t been reached yet. How do we know this?

✔ Permanent make up industry is growing worldwide every single year and is already worth several billion $ and £.
- Beauty industry is estimated to be one of the fastest growing markets across the globe.

✔ New techniques that achieve natural, barely there results have opened up a client market that otherwise wouldn’t have had the service done.

✔ Development in tools and pigments means more people have trust in the quality of the service and the results.

✔ Pigments and techniques that allow the enhancement to fade over time instead of changing into unsightly tones that stay in the skin forever.
✔ Availability of the service; more and more salons offer PMU making it easy for clients to commit without having to travel outside of their area.

✔ Outstanding work circulating the social media, creating increased interest in the service.
✔ Health conscious millennials drive the market towards effortless beauty, that can be easily combined with sports and keeping active.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that artists with the right attitude, set of skills they’ve learnt and a good deal of exposure can make Permanent make up and microblading a very rewarding career. But you will also need to know how to treat your clients and how to win friends, here’s a quote by Dale Carnegie from a famous best selling book: ‘How to win friends and influence people’ - "The rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage.” This book is full of invaluable advise that can help your attitude and your business become your best possible assets.

Good luck with your career and remember that your training provider research isn’t complete without considering Everlasting Brows PMU.