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Everlasting Brows developed a revolutionary method of measuring brows and achieving symmetry that has been successfuly used for over 2 years on thousands of clients. We have been proud to share results to our worldwide audience and have received and overwhelming amount of inquries of learning this technique. 

Do you feel like your course did not cover brow mapping?
Would you like to learn more about brow mapping?
✭Would you like to see EB technique broken down in detailed videos with audio explanation?
You have arrived at the right place! Our online class is one class you need.

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Gain instant access once payment is completed to the following content: ✭4 HD videos of brow mapping on clients ✭Detailed description of EB signature mapping technique ✭20 page brow mapping workbook ✭Brow mapping on a client without any hair ✭Certificate upon completion ✭Complimentary homework feedback ✭3 months access

Everlasting Brows Express Brow Mapping Course

If you are confident with your pre-draw skills, but want to learn our predraw technique or want to speed up your brow mapping technique, this course is perfect for you. Suitable for those looking to learn brow mapping for tinting or henna or for PMU/ Microblading. Covers: Brow mapping workbook, 2 x brow mapping videos, 1 bonus tip video, complimentary feedback.

Everlasting Eyebrow pigment collection pigmentology

Introduction to Everlasting pigments, our innovations and in depth description of eyebrow pigment collection tones and uses. Great for expanding your pigment knowledge and learn more about our most essential pigment colours.

Is your salon COVID-19 safe

A free video guidance on how to ensure your salon is covid-19 safe.
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